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What Makes a Home Environmentally Sustainable?


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To be eco-friendly refers to the practices that make someone more conscious about how they absorb natural resources. Daily habits of a running household includusing less water, gas and electricity are common examples. We understand how we humans can be eco-friendlier, but how can a house? 

Here is what features and solutions make a home environmentally sustainable: 

Sustainable Materials & Products

If a home utilises materials made from recycled products containing glass, wood, metal or plastics it can be considered sustainable. In terms of what is added during the construction of a home to make it sustainable, it all comes down to longevity and natural resource conservation. 

A sustainable home will include energy and water saving features, such as efficient lighting solutions, rainwater tanks, etc. Other features can include solar panels or wind power systems, low-flow water fixtures, eco-friendly insulation and paint materials, and other such examples. 

Here are the main features of a home that make it sustainable:

  • Higher than normal levels of thermal insulation; 
  • Better than normal airtightness; 
  • Good levels of natural light; 
  • Passive solar orientation; 
  • Thermal mass to absorb solar heat; 
  • Heating from renewable resources (solar, heat pump, wind, etc.) 
  • Rainwater harvesting; 
  • Greywater collection; 
  • Composting toilets; 
  • Sewage repurposing; 
  • Double glazed windows, 
  • Growing plants; 

An eco-friendly house means a dwelling that has a low impact on the environment. Buildings use up an enormous amount of energy and materials. A sustainable home takes this into account and tries to reduce its environmental footprint by using reclaimed materials and renewable energy solutions. The better a development is at this process the more sustainable and eco-friendlier it is considered to be. 

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