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9 New Year Resolutions for Your Home


If you’re a big believer in the saying ‘new year, new you’, then you believe in the possibility of change and of the positivity that comes with setting goals. What you need to remember, is that a big part of your life and lifestyle starts at home. This year, make the choice to be better organised and create a more comfortable and happier place to live. Here are nine resolutions for your home to help get you started in the new year.

1. Save More on Energy

Since new year’s resolutions are all about improvement of self, what could be better than trying to save the planet, some money and cutting back on your energy usage! This can include upgrading to that solar system you’ve been wanting or something as simple as switching all your light bulbs to more energy efficient options. The best way to save energy this new year, is simply to remember to turn off the lights when you’re not using them. It’s a good goal to set for yourself and a great way to make sure you’re only using what you need.

2. Create a Healthy Kitchen

Seeing as the kitchen is the heart of your home and the place where the whole family gathers, it’s important to have a clutter free but also healthy space for the family to hangout. This new year’s, consider cleaning out the pantry and fridge, starting fresh and stocking your kitchen with only healthy food options. It’s a great way to assist with any resolutions to lose weight, but more importantly it will encourage the whole family to eat and live a little healthier this 2019.

3. Clean the Air

Especially in the hot Queensland area, your air conditioning system is your best friend. But, it’s also the most easily forgotten when it comes to cleaning. Spend the time in 2019 on maintaining your system. Clean the air by changing the filters regularly and using the localised ventilation in your bathrooms and kitchens to eliminate smoke, cooking fumes and humidity from your home. You’ll feel so much better breathing fresh cool air, your body and family will definitely thank you.

4. Think Long-term and Durability

When it comes to your home, updating furniture or doing repairs can feel expensive and overwhelming, especially if it never seems to end. This new year is the perfect time to end the cycle of short-term replacements and cheap fixes. The next time your home needs a new fitting spend a little more so that it will last a little longer. Make your focus on materials that are low maintenance and durable. With minimal maintenance and longevity, by the end of 2019 you’ll wonder how you ever managed it any other way.

5. Safety and Comfort

An organised and beautiful home is a great thing, but is it safe as well? This New Year’s, make it a resolution to make your home safe from any fire, health or security risks. You can do this by installing fire detectors, checking your house for contaminants (such as radon, carbon monoxide or mould) and installing security screens that will protect your home from intruders. Door and window alarms are also a great investment to consider, especially as there are many affordable options available to you in Queensland. If you’re not sure if your house is up to date with the latest security standards, consider talking to an expert who can assess your home.

6. Get Organised

Let’s face it, we all have that one room, cupboard, drawer or space that we continuously lose items into. What better way to start the new year then by cleaning out that space and getting organised. Don’t stop there. Tidy up your kitchen cupboards, clean out your closets, open every drawer and get started. You’ll feel remarkable renewed at the end.

7. Get Your Finances Right

Living within a budget is harder than everyone thinks, we know this and we’re sure you do too. But, when you get it right and you get your finances sorted it can change your life. This 2019, focus on creating a yearly budget. It will help you avoid overspending, and who knows it may even mean extra money at the end for travel or that big purchase been trying to save for.

8. Don’t Just Clean, Get Organised

We spoke about getting organised before, and we feel the need to mention it again. Because being organised, not just clean, can improve your home life drastically. What this means is creating systems so that you stay clean! Come up with a solid plan for how to keep your home clean. One of the best ways to stay on top of the tasks is to create a weekly chore list for the family.

9. Make Your Home More Welcoming

With a few rearrangements and a couple of updates, your home can be transformed into a welcoming space for friends and family. We all want to stay connected and experience real and deep conversations, but these all start with a great and welcoming space. In the living room, kitchen and guest bedroom, consider adding bright accessories (such as cushions, décor items, linen art, etc.). Brighten the space up with mirrors, lamps, new ceiling lights or new window furnishings that bring in the light. Add some freshness with some real indoor plants. Little additions can go a long way toward making your space feel more inviting and welcoming. And, it’s a great way to start the new year off right.

We wish you the best of luck with your home’s resolutions and a very happy New Year!

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