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Get the knowledge, get the keys.

Your Guide to the Australian Real Estate and Property Industry

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Buying a property to live in? Or maybe you’re buying real estate for income. Either way, buying real estate is a major leap in your financial journey, so you need as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. As a leading provider of Australian property research and information, we can help you enhance your knowledge and improve your buying strategies.


Real estate development facilitates improvements in properties and propels growth in the real estate industry. You can develop a project for residential or commercial purposes, building family homes, retail establishments or office spaces. The options are varied, but being informed will help you grow and succeed in this industry. Check out’s updates and insights you might need to help you understand property development even more.

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6 Important Ways To Mitigate RiskWhen Investing In Property


One of the biggest drivers of real estate and property investment is money. Having your finances in order is essential to making a successful investment. What’s more, knowledge and insights about property financing can help you make better decisions. Browse through’s wealth of finance topics to learn about borrowing, paying and other helpful tips.


Real estate property investment is one of the most lucrative industries in the country. Decisions like investing in rental properties can easily give you a passive source of income and will make your investments grow. For other insights and free guides about real estate investing, has all the information you need.

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The 3 Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase Your First Home


So you have the land and you have the house. Or maybe you have the building and the office. Whatever property you own is best enhanced with renovations and great upkeep. At, we have tons of helpful how-tos and other improvement tips for your new residential or commercial property.


Looking for a rental property but don’t know how to start? Looking into renting out your property but don’t have any idea how to go about it? Look no further than for expert tips you need and insights you didn’t know you wanted. Check out our vast collection of blog posts and videos that will answer all your renting questions.

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Discovering the right property could save you 10 - 30%!


Before buying or investing in real estate, you must first do a lot of background research and study market analyses. Understanding these things will further improve your knowledge of real estate not just in Australia but the rest of the world. Armed with facts, you’ll be able to make better investment decisions. has compiled the latest reports and statistics on the Australian property market.


Selling a property requires not only proper preparation but also sound market insights. You have to know when to sell, how to sell, and to whom to sell real estate. Read the best tips, guides and advice on selling real estate properties from Australia’s leading source of property investment news. Browse through now.

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