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10 Innovative Ways to Build a Sustainable House


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Sustainable housing is one that makes efficient use of resources and energy with minimal impact on the environment. The overriding principle in sustainable housing is ensuring that it promotes better quality of life and involves less waste, better reliability, lower life-cycle environmental impacts, less maintenance and more reuse.

Here are ten innovative ways you can build a sustainable house.

1. Wall and Floor Insulation

This can help with cooling and to save on energy costs. Insulation bars heat from passing in and out of the house, aiding in natural heating and cooling processes.

2. Double-Glazed Windows

Installing double-glazed windows can also assist with the home’s insulation keeping it cool in summer and hot in winter.

3. Sun-Minded Orientation

Orient a new home build to take advantage of natural light while limiting full afternoon sun exposure. Solar panels can be strategically placed to capture the suns energy.

4. Energy Efficient Appliances

Choose appliances that have better energy efficiency. By swapping old or installing new appliances with great energy efficiency ratings you create a more desirable sustainable way of living.

5. Non-Toxic Building Materials

Non-toxic building materials lower life-cycle environmental impacts that the house might pose.

6. Local Materials

Using locally available materials reduces degradation of the environment during transportation.

7. Minimising Resource Wastage

Recycling of wastes can be done to reduce the accumulation of wastes as much as possible, such as materials sourced from demolished or recycled products.

8. Renewable Electricity Sources

The installation of a small-scale wind turbine or micro-hydro system or solar panels are recommended electricity renewable sources.

9. Future Design Planning

A sustainable future should also be planned for, with considerations of older stages of life necessities as well as small children.

10. Native Plant life

Native and local plants should be selected for the landscaping and for a sustainable green design. Plants also act as natural air purifiers.

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