Get the knowledge, get the keys.

Get the knowledge, get the keys.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Property

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Whatever your motivation is to sell – whether it’s an underperforming property, upsizing, downsizing or other reason – here are the common mistakes you want to avoid in order to maximise your sale price. 

Mistake #1:  

Untrustworthy or Inexperienced Agent 

As well as looking for someone that you can have a strong working relationship with, you need to find yourself an agent that has recent and successful selling experience in the same area as your property. Essentially, you want your agent to be a professional that understands the local market expertly. 

In order to find such an individual, you need to do your research. Choose the agent that has the strongest ideas and plenty of opportunities to share with you. 

Mistake #2:  

Bad First Impression 

To improve the chances of potential buyers viewing your property favourable you must make sure it is looking its best, inside and out. A buyers first impression is the outside of your home, so it is essential that your lawn is tidy and your garden looking fresh.  

When it comes to the inside of your home, decluttering is key. If your house is full of personal items, your potential buyers are going to have difficulty imagining their possessions in its place. Hide family photos and make the space beautiful and organized. 

Mistake #3: 

Just Testing the Market  

When you can simply get yourself a valuation or market appraisal, there really is no point to listing your home for sale just to test the market. If youre just half-heartedly considering selling your home, spend more time researching prior to listing it for sale. This way, you won’t waste an agents’ time, nor that of any potential buyers. 

Mistake #4: 

No Current Market Knowledge 

We have all come across those sellers that still think it’s the peak of the property market and expect to achieve record sales prices. Likewise, those that can’t even decide what price to list their property at. Both are a case of lack of current market knowledge. 

A good agent can and will advise you on market conditions, but it is ultimately your decision what the sale price of your home will be. If you have absolutely no idea, then prior to listing you need to start doing your research and get educated. Lack of knowledge is no excuse with today’s ease of information. 

Mistake #5: 

Not being Flexible 

Real estate is a game of negotiation. If you aren’t going to be flexible in your negotiations and refuse to budge on price, a sale is unlikely to happen.  

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t sell for what you believe you can achieve, but if you are unrealistic about your price or unwilling to budge even a little, then you’re going to run into trouble selling. Set a price with room for negotiation and listen to the feedback your agent is giving you about the market. 

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