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Top 5 Dog Breeds That Love Apartment Life

Pug on stairs

As people are increasingly adopting apartment lifestyles, there’s a push to make more of them pet-friendly. For years the common perception of dogs is that they need large outdoor spaces, can be loud, and shouldn’t be cooped up inside. However, there are actually quite a variety of dog breeds which are surprisingly well suited to living in apartments. Not all dogs need large outdoor spaces to run around in all day, and in fact, some dogs actually prefer to just lounge around indoors. 

Here are 5 popular dog breeds which thrive in apartment environments: 

  1. Bulldog

Both French and English bulldogs are low energy breeds which are perfectly happy to just hang out in a small apartment, as long as they’re well fed and have good company! 

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Its regal name actually originated from being the breed of choice for 17th-century British nobility, likely because of their intelligence and easiness to train. They also don’t shed much and are good with children and other pets, and make excellent apartment companions. 

  1. Pug

As a calm, low energy dog breed, pugs are ideal for small apartments as they have no craving for large open spaces. Besides, who wouldn’t want those adorable squishy faces to keep them company in their apartment?! 

  1. Poodle

These dogs are remarkably intelligent and easy to train, while still being quite small in stature. They thrive on attention so as long as you shower them with plenty of love and affection, they’ll be perfectly happy with you in an apartment.  

  1. Bassett Hound

 For apartment dwellers who prefer to have a medium sized dog rather than a small one, there’s no need to despair! Bassett hounds can be the perfect choice. They’re known to be quiet and calm, so you don’t have to worry about them running around or barking and disturbing your neighbours. 

Whether you want a small dog or a larger one, there are plenty of breeds which are perfectly happy to spend their time in an apartment with you. No need to give up the idea of having a pet while living in an apartment! 

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