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Why More and More Savvy Downsizers are Opting for Apartment Living

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To all those who see retirement on the horizon and are planning your next move into smaller, more convenient living, here is something you should know More and more people are choosing to make the downsizing move into apartment livingHere’s why. 

Downsize Without Compromise

By this point in your life, you are most likely very sure of the preferred location in which you would like to live. The biggest benefit to downsizing into an apartment, you won’t have to compromise on the location you want to live in. The suburb of your choosing is more affordable and easier to live in than ever with small, conveniently located apartments. 

Better Lifestyle 

Apartment buildings are generally located in the heart of well-established areas, such as the popular urban suburbs of the Gold Coast. They are usually close to parks, shops, cafés and public transport. With more time on your hands now that you’re retired, these convenient locations allow you to join community groups, discover new hobby’s, take a daily stroll through local parks or dine with friends at local eateries. 

Peace-of-Mind Security

Most apartment buildings have modern security features, such as access cards. These security features make your apartment much more difficult for thieves to access. Plus, it will give you peace of mind knowing you, your loved one, your home and beloved items are safe. 

Low Maintenance

Though you may love your family home, maintaining its garden and cleaning all those rooms has become a chore that we’re sure you’ll be happy to be rid of. Apartment living allows you to grow plants on the balcony should you choose to keep the green you know and love, but be thankfully rid of all of that mowing. With less rooms, your vacuuming, mopping, dusting and tidying will be cut in half. Giving you much, much more time to simply enjoy your life and worry a little less about your home.  

Travel with Ease

Apartment living allows you to simply lock up and leave if traveling is in your retirement plans. With such a low maintenance home, there really isn’t anything you need to worry about while you’re gone. So long as the fridge is cleaned out and the garbage removed, you’re on your way to some worry-free globe-trotting. 

There are many reasons why people aren’t wanting to compromise when downsizing, and apartment living gives them the perfect opportunity to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. With safer security, low maintenance living and convenient lifestyle options, it’s easy to see why so many are opting to downsize to apartments. The only now question is, why aren’t you? 

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