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Video: Our Motel Reinstatement Project


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– Good day, everybody. James from here and today we are lucky enough to have Joe from Big Projects with us. Joe’s doing a renovation on one of our motel properties here on the Gold Coast of Mermaid Beach. Could you give us a run down, Joey, on when you started and what we’re up to at the moment?

– [Joey] I’ve been in here for about three weeks now just going through, just trying to work out where we’re at in services and see what we’re up against. Halfway through demo, probably got another two weeks.

– Yep.

– [Joey] Another week of solid demo, just to get it back to bare bones and we’ll look to roll in from there.

– Excellent. Okay, so we’re just gonna do a quick run through on one of the units, get a status update and then we’ll come back to you every week just to show you how it’s progressing and what the steps are in real time.

– [Joey] So, here we are. All stripped back, bare bones. Back to original slabs, all wall surfaces backed to, back to row and we got, got a bit of a got a bit of materials scheme going here, different use of materials. So, we’re just running through different finishes.

– So this would be the living room, correct Joe?

– [Joey] Yes.

– And then into the kitchen here, and the kitchenette has been stripped back. So, what’s the process when you strip the kitchen? I assume you’re pulling everything out and then is there waterproofing to it and how is that going to work?

– [Joey] Yes, so the process here, you pretty much strip back to bare bone, see what we’re up against, check the condition of existing services. Quite often, any console area you will find plates are corroded, cables corroded. So it’s just a matter of stripping it all back, get a good look at what you’re up against, and then plan forward from there.

– Okay, beautiful, and then moving through here, I mean a bedroom’s a bedroom’s a bedroom, but it’s just been stripped of it’s own carpet So, no carpet. Walls have been stripped, and doors are off in here as well. So, this is the other bedroom. There are services and the ability for ceiling fans and lights like that, would that be right Joey?

– [Joey] Correct.

– And then there will be air conditioning coming in, and we’ll just keep it on that, but the bathroom is even quicker. What’s going on in this, it is very very blue.

– [Joey] Alright, so what we’ve got in here, we’ve grinded back the existing tiles. We’ve managed to We haven’t gone over the top of the existing floor.

– Yeah.

– [Joey] No signs of drumminess or movement within the existing slab. So, what you see here is actually a waterproof membrane. So, we’ve grinded back the face of the tile and that is a or a 5 mm thick waterproof membrane which would give us protection from any water that can drain through the system.

– Okay, and then the shower strain will go on, but you can’t then penetrate that membrane again?

– [Joey] Correct. Yep, so that’s it. So, in this case here, we got the whole detail, we’re just going to have to contain all the water within that share area, and yeah, no penetration through the waterproofing once it’s sprayed.

– Okay, excellent. So then, I suppose lastly, we’ll just do a quick run through on what we’re thinking out here in the common area. So then, what will happen with that? because it looks pretty bad?

– [Joey] Yep, so we’ve done a bit of investigation on the pool. We found with the outdoor pool, there is actually the PebbleCrete stained 2D laminate in a few areas, so we’re going to have to scratch that back, try and get it back to a solid base. In this case here, the condition of it was actually nothing, we weren’t able to save it, so we’re going to have to resurface the whole pool. We got a new water line, it’s all been going around the top, and we’ll probably finish with a nice piping to finish that.

– And then, because this is an investment property, the thought process is always to try and keep costs down, so I think Joey mentioned he wants to put an AstroTurf here on the lawn, so you compromise a little bit of nature and aesthetic in that regard, but you’re able to keep the maintenance low. It will look good all year round, and then we’ll do a little bit of low maintenance greening down the side over the fence to come in. So, we’ll just keep you updated. Thank you very much for your time Joey

– [Joey] My pleasure. and we’ll see you next week.

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