Get the knowledge, get the keys.

Get the knowledge, get the keys.

How to Secure the Rental Property You Want

How to Secure the Rental Property You Want

There is nothing like the feeling of finding your perfect rental property, only to arrive at the inspection along with countless others.  

The rental market is notoriously competitive in some cities and while the desire for a dream rental leads many to engage in a bidding war, there are other steps you can take to help you land the property you want.  

Make a Good Impression

The first time most renters meet the landlord (rental agency) is at the inspection. Be sure to dress to impress and look the part of a responsible tenant.  

Secondly, show up on time. Being there early and wearing a smile may help you be memorable to the agent. Another option is to try and see the property before anyone else by booking a private inspection.  

You can also call or email the agent a few days later to follow up your application. This opens a dialogue and may offer some insight into how seriously the agent is considering you for the property.  

Be Prepared

Make sure you are ready to submit your application that day, by having a rental resume ready and your profile set up on relevant application websites such as 1Form.  Take a copy of your rental resume with you to inspections and ensure it contains the following: 

  • Reference letters 
  • Pet references (photos and reference from previous landlord) 
  • Proof of income (recent payslips, bank statements, tax return) 
  • Valid ID (passport, driver’s licence, Medicare card, utility bills) 
  • Resume of your rental/employment history 
  • Deposit/rental ledger (summary of your rental payment history) 
  • Cover letter 
  • Completed application form. 

Make sure all of the following is part of your 1Form account as being prepared and showing that you have a strong history is a positive sign for rental agents. It also allows for a faster application, and hopefully puts you ahead of the pack.  

Add a Little Extra

Don’t be afraid to add more information than requested in the application and to. Mention any skills handy skills that may be useful as a renter, such as experience with repairs or landscaping.  

Agents request proof of employment be provided, but you can also add extra information regarding savings accounts to give confidence you have the money to cover your rent.  

Be Honest

This last tip is one of the most important. Putting your best foot forward is the aim of a rental application, but there is no point in lying as you may get caught out. If you have pets or a black mark on your history it is best to be upfront.  

Everyone makes mistakes and if you have a mark on your records from a previous rental, be open about the situation and offer testimonials from people to show you are now a model tenant.  

If you have a pet, rather than sneak them in, create a pet resume and even provide testimonials stating that they did not impact your previous home in a negative way.  

Be sure to give yourself time when starting your rental search, as that way you will be better prepared and can apply for more properties; essentially giving yourself a better chance at being accepted for your next dream rental.  

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