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How to Entertain ‘Apartment Style’

How to Entertain Apartment Style

If you are living in a small apartment you may feel your apartment to be the perfect size for you, but when it comes to entertaining it feels a little cramped for space. Not to worry, with these expert tips and tricks you’ll be elevated to a home entertaining expert, and your next dinner party will feel downright spacious!

1. Clean!

If you love to decorate and are a big fan of décor accessories we applaud you, but for the sake of space put all non-essential décor and general clutter away. You can place it in closets, under your bed or if you have a locked garage make use of the space. Clearing clutter from surfaces in your home will give your guest space to rest items and allow them to move around without worry of knocking your precious items over.

Make sure that your bathroom is spotless and free of personal toiletries. Like the décor items, consider storing these under the bathroom sink and out of sight. Don’t go thinking your apartment needs to be immaculate, but a little dusting and general tidiness go a long way towards creating the much-needed space you are looking for.

2. Clear the Kitchen

You want to make sure you are using all of your surfaces appropriately, and that includes your kitchen counter. For the sake of space, remove any unnecessary appliances and put those empty surfaces to good use with platters, drink glasses for guests or even a little buffet.

3. “May I Take Your Coat?”

Not every party needs to be so formal that you chauffeur people’s belongings, but designating a space for them to place their coats, bags or other bulky items is essential. If things start getting placed here or there, your cleaning and decluttering to create space is going to get cluttered back up pretty quick. If you, like many apartment dwellers, are without a foyer/mudroom/entrance, we recommend a bedroom for placing guest items out of the way.

4. Extra Seating

We don’t imagine you have a 12-seater dining table in your small apartment, nor would we recommend trying to fit one. Though, without enough seats at the table, you need to find alternative options. Casual seating, such as ottomans or poufs, are a great way to create spots to sit without taking up too much space. If you are hosting a dinner party, consider sliding your sofas up to a table, it’s a unique way to be able to fit more people at the table.

5. Ambience is Everything

Ok, so not everything. But, still pretty important. If the mood in your home isn’t right, it could be a flop. If your apartment has bright white lights that are great for brightening up your home, well they may not be so great for a relaxed setting. Consider switching some of them off and adding softer lighting in their place. Candles are great if you find safe surfaces for them, but there are many electric amber lighting options available, like lamps or faerie lights, that can help you create that warm space you’re looking for. You can also, for the sake of the party, switch your light bulbs out for lower wattage ones.

6. Last, but Not Least

Don’t forget the music! And, if you are living in Queensland, especially on the Gold Coast, don’t forget to think about air! With lots of people in a small space, things are going to start heating up. Open up those windows and balcony doors, or if you have air conditioning keep your party at a comfortable chill.

Once you’ve followed these steps, all we have left to say is… bon appétit!

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