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Green Spaces – Plants that love apartment living as much as you do


No garden area or backyard? No problem, this selection of attractive plants will be happy sharing your indoor space with you. Placing some greenery in your apartment not only adds to the aesthetics, it has also been established that plants confer positive changes in the brain’s electrical activity, muscle tension and heart activity as well as many other health benefits like cleaner air.

Read on for our top picks on apartment friendly greenery, these plants will love high rise living as much as you do! And adding real greenery to your living space is a trend to watch in 2018, who needs fake plants when the real ones are so easy to care for.

Peace Lily

We all appreciate cleaner air and this tropical plant is a long time favourite among house plant enthusiasts. Research conducted by NASA has found the Peace Lily to be one of the top house plants for cleaning the air; it breaks down and neutralises toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. And if that is not reason enough to buy one then the occasional white bloom which is as pretty as picture may be the clincher.

Lucky Bamboo

Adding some greenery to a darker part of your apartment is easy with the Lucky Bamboo; this plant thrives on dim and indirect light. As a major bonus in will add a feng shui element to your apartment and there is no dirt required; this plant survives in water which will only need to be changed every two to four weeks.

Aloe Vera

Best known for its soothing effects after you burn yourself to a crisp at the beach, ask anyone that has a thriving Aloe Vera and they will also tell you that it is renowned for thriving on neglect. There is not much to know about this plant except only water it when needed and give it a some light.

Palm Tree

There are many options for having creating the tropical vibe indoors with the help of a palm tree. Indoor palms aren’t necessarily just small varieties, they can be young, slow growing large ones that will suit containers indoors year round. Palm trees also look wonderful if you have a balcony and make a nice feature in a dull corner. Good choices of palm tree include the Areca Palm and The Pygmy Date Palm.

Golden Pothos

The beauty of this plant is in its leaves. Each arrow shaped leaf will alternate location with the leaves around it. Also known as the Devils Ivy, it’s a climbing species that grows well indoors and in most environments you can expect a lush vine. In the wild, this plant will grow up to 20 metres and they can get very long indoors too but this is rare because although the creeping habit is part of the charm, many Pothos owners will prune when they become too long and unruly. This means the plant can be as tall or as short as you want it to be.


Everyone has had a cactus or succulent as a house plant at one point, right? But have you had a Lithop? or as they are also called, A Living Stone. Originally from South Africa and Namibia these living pebbles are used to extremely adverse conditions and have adapted to them. They have the ability to store large amounts of water in their low and distended leaves and when not in growing season thrive on no water for many months.

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