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Essential Checklist on What You Can and Can’t Compost


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When starting your home composting journey it can be tempting to throw almost anything into the pile, however there are some guidelines about what is (and isn’t) okay to safely compost.  

Enjoy our comprehensive list of compost friendly ingredients, and our essential list of things to NEVER compost.  


  • Fruit and vegetable scraps. Try breaking or blitzing them up first to speed up the process.  
  • Bread, crackers, cereal and similar products.  
  • Eggshells (crushed). 
  • Excess liquid from canned foods. 
  • Herbs and spices. 
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Loose tea leaves (teabags often have a plastic lining). 
  • Balloons, gloves and condoms made from latex. 
  • Feathers and fur from pets. 
  • Cloth made of natural fibers, such as wool, linen or cotton (but not blends). 
  • Wine bottle corks.  
  • Plant and grass clippings.  
  • Green waste such as leaves, flowers, sticks, straw, wood chips and bark. 
  • Matches, toothpicks and bamboo skewers. 
  • Compostable utensils and dishware. 
  • Shredded papernotebook papercardboard and newspapers. 
  • Dry pet food. 
  • Nuts and their shells (except walnut shells). 
  • Natural loofahs and sea sponges.


  • Meat, fish and bones. 
  • Eggs and dairy products. 
  • Oils and grease. 
  • Cigarette butts.  
  • Soaps, shampoos, nappies, wipes, etc.  
  • Cat litter or animal waste.  
  • Glossy paper such as magazines, wrapping paper, coloured paper, or paper with sharpie pen on it.  
  • Personal products such as tampons and pads. 
  • Coated cardboard, paper cups, milk cartons and juice boxes. 
  • Leather goods. 
  • Charcoal ash. 
  • Cooked grains, rice and pasta. 

Keep this list handy so you never forget what’s safe and what’s not! 

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