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Best Plants for a Drought Tolerant Garden


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Many parts of Australia have been announced as drought affected, and with that news comes a range of new water use rules in the garden.  

One of the simplest ways to maintain a stunning landscape while minimising your water use is to plan and plant with drought tolerant plants, shrubs and trees.  

These are some of the tops plants which need little to no regular watering.  

  • Agave – this family of succulent like plants store water in their thick leaves and require very little care of attention to maintain their dramatic appearance.  
  • Bougainvillea – a flowering, rambling vine, bougainvillea plants tolerate heat, dryness, and intense conditions while delivering stunning colour.  
  • Desert Rose (Adenium) – Another plant that delivers stunning colour and interesting form, desert rose thrives on neglect and very little water.  
  • Lavender – Whether you plant it in the garden bed or a pot, lavender needs little attention and offers a blanket of colour and fragrance.  
  • Cactuses and Succulents – There is no shortage of colour, shape, height, and texture when it comes to cactus and succulents. Both can tolerate harsh conditions, however succulents are not very forgiving of very cold climates.  
  • Australian Natives – Plants such as Kangaroo paw, Eucalypts, Acacias, Banksias and more are made for our harsh and sometimes dry climate. A native garden also attracts lots of wildlife including birds and beneficial insects.  

When planning a drought tolerant garden or garden bed, talk to your local nursery as they will know what works in your climate and the best plants to place together.   

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