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A Guide to Living Sustainably at Home

A Guide to Living Sustainably at Home

Within the last decade, a lot of attention has shifted to green living or sustainable living – this has caused different industries to adopt practices that encourage the sustainability of our planet. In many quarters, some people argue that sustainable living is just another buzzword or fad that will soon become obsolete just like the other buzzwords before it. Despite these speculations, many studies have been conducted, and the results of these studies all point to one fact – our planet is in dire need of help, and we all must take action to encourage its preservation. One of the ways through which we can contribute our quota to the protection and sustainability of our planet is through sustainable living. 

Unlike what most people think, sustainable living is not just about our planet; it is also about you. Yes, by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, you are not only contributing your quota to the sustainability of the earth, but you are also taking active measures to preserve and strengthen your health. 

What is sustainable living?

If something or practice is said to be sustainable, that thing keeps performing its intended purpose for as long as possible. So, sustainable living means doing those things that will ensure the continued existence of our plant and the living creatures (including humans) on it.

Typically, our planet is supposed to be doing the following: 

  • Provide fresh air
  • Provide clean water
  • Provide quality food

On closer examination, it is easy to observe that all these intended actions of the planet are all geared towards allowing humans to enjoy a high-quality life forever. However, we are at a stage in our existence where our world is rather unsustainable because, over the years, the actions of humans have continued to threaten its survival and sustainability.

So, how do we imbibe sustainable living at home in a bid to save our world and improve our health?

Go Green

The first thing you need to do if you want to start living sustainably is to “green” all the products you use at home. By greening your products, we mean you should remove those that contain harmful chemicals or send harmful emissions into the environment. For instance, look under your kitchen sink, remove the toxic cleaning products you have there and replace them with non-toxic ones. When you get rid of the products, don’t just flush them down the drain, dispose them properly. 

Be Energy Efficient

Replace the bulbs in your home with energy efficient alternatives (if you are not already doing that). The advantages of doing this are numerous – you will save so much energy; you will make your home cooler, and save lots of money on power bills. 

Change many of your home appliances to their energy efficient alternatives. For instance, your refrigerator consumes a lot of energy, by switching to an energy efficient refrigerator, you will save a lot of energy and money. Remember, your refrigerator is powered on most of the time, the power stations that generate the energy needed for this send a lot of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. To save our planet, opt for energy-saving appliances. 

Get a Water Filter

Another great idea is to get a water filter for your shower. A lot of the water you get from the municipal supply is usually treated with a lot of chlorine. Now, when the water is forced out through shower head, it gets heated a bit, and this causes it to become aerated. Such water is both bad for your skin, hair, lungs, and the environment as well. Consider switching to a shower filter, and you will be doing yourself a lot of good. 

Lastly, when you go to the supermarket or grocery store, always watch out for those products that are labelled “green”. They are what you need to start living sustainably at home. 

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