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5 Sustainable Features Every Smart Home Needs

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If today’s home designs are any indication, it is clearer than ever that selling a home is about more than just a prime location and pretty paint colours. Being green has become a major selling point too.

Read on for the savvy sustainable features that every modern smart home need.

1. Geothermal System

A geothermal system for heating and cooling can be controlled by a specialised computer to optimise production and output control, only producing the energy needed for the home at just the right times. Geothermal pumps use 25 percent to 50 percent less electricity than conventional systems.

2. Smart Irrigation System

A smart irrigation system can allow for tailored watering. Out are the old irrigation systems with zones, times and lengths of watering or rain sensors that monitor only when it rains. Smart irrigation systems can fine-tune their watering to the amount of light and soil condition in sometimes up to 16 zones and can also respond to the local weather forecast (even before it rains). Such a system can save up to 40 percent of your water usage.

3. Solar Barbecue

Solar panels aren’t always possible for everyone based on their budget. There are still little ways to incorporate efficient solar power into your home. One such way is a solar powered barbecue which operates sans fuel. Viola, and energy efficient meal!

4. Air Filtration System

Optimal air quality is a key aspect to sustainable homes that utilise more and more natural cooling and heating designs. Savvy air filtration systems such as smart innovative technology can bring fresh air in and filter out everything you don’t want.

5. ‘Green’ Hardwood Floor Finish

We’re all used to finishing hardwood floors with the age-old techniques, which often have very intense smells to them. Quite frankly, anything that smells that terrible probably isn’t good for you. It may be time to consider a finish with more eco-friendly contents, some are available with products such as beeswax and smell like a spa when applied.

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